The characteristics and inspection methods of clothing accessories

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Clothing accessories all kinds, here I divide him into 7 categories:
1, the material
2, lining material
3, filling
4, line with class material
5, according to materials
6, decorative materials
7, other

Here a classification description.

Clothing in the lining material is used for garment clips in the materials, polyester taffeta, nylon silk, velvet, all kinds of cotton and polyester cotton cloth, and so on.

Frequently used thick lining material 170t, 190T, 21OT, 230t polyester taffeta, nylon taffeta and rayon silk; flannel with single-sided velvet, fleece, knitting and other, generally heavy gram measurement, common velvet materials gram weight 120-260G/m2. we put all kinds of pocket cloth as material, commonly used pocket cloth * 72 of X 35/96 x 45 / 65 T/C45, and 133 x 72 varieties.

Material test indicators for the shrinkage rate and colour fastness, for cashmere filling materials of apparel products, the material should choose fine or coating material to prevent delinting.

The main function of the clothing material is:
The cool clothes slip is convenient, comfortable to wear;
II reduce the friction between the fabric and the underwear, play the role of protecting the fabric;
Increase the thickness of clothing, the role of warmth.;
The clothing is smooth, crisp;
Improve the grade of clothing;

Sixthly, for wadding clothing, as wadding of folder, can prevent the wadding exposed; as leather folder. It can make the fur are not contaminated, keep the fur clean and tidy.

The choice of clothing material should pay attention to the following aspects:

Li material performance should be with the fabric performance to adapt here performance refers to the shrinkage, heat resistance, washing resistance, strength and weight of thick hail and so on;

The color of the material should be coordinated with the fabric, and the color of the material should not be deep in the fabric;
The material should be smooth, durable, anti pilling, and good color fastness.

Two, clothing lining material

Liner comprises a liner and liner, in clothing collar, cuffs, pockets, culottes waist, clothing and suit chest affixed lining for cloth containing particles, commonly known as fusible interlining, woven lining (woven and knitting and spinning lining. In the shoulder in order to reflect the shoulder modelling using the shoulders and chest to increase clothing neat full style used in lining belong to the liner material, generally do not have glue. Lining material is the strength of the skeleton of dress, can strengthen the garment, and the full and beautiful clothing; also lining can also strengthen the garment can sewing performance, easy sewing operation.

Fusible interlining is a very important garment accessories, it is in woven, knitted or no spinning cloth evenly sprinkle on adhesive particles (or powder), by heating (hot melt adhesive) and clothing corresponding parts combined together, so as to achieve certain modeling effect.

Bonding lining main test shrinkage and adhesion fastness (peel strength) two indicators.

Select and use clothing liner should pay attention to:

1, lining material performance and clothing fabric performance match, the performance here mainly refers to the color of the material, weight and thickness, suspension, etc.. Such as flannel fabric with thick lining, and silk fabric with soft silk lining, knitted fabrics using elastic knitting (Warp) lining and so on.

2, consider the shape of clothing and clothing design, stiff lining material generally used for collar and waist and other parts, in coat lining use thicker lining.

3. Consider the use of clothing, such as some of the need to go through washing clothes should choose the lining of the water wash, and consider lining washing and ironing size stability.

Gasket materials such as shoulder pads to consider the shape retention, ensure no deformation in a certain time.

Three, clothing filler

Packing is also known as the filling material is refers to the fabric and material from filling materials, he is mainly clothing to enhance the thermal performance, or as a liner increase embroidery or silk flower stereo feeling, can be divided into kinds of floc filler wire filler. Generally we say floc packing is not after textile fiber and bulk down, etc. floccule materials, he did not definite shape, used to clip in, and surface materials have certain anti penetration performance, such as high density or by coating anti plume flannel. Line type of filler is by fiber by specific Textile Technology (such as acupuncture, etc.) made of wadding material. He has a fixed shape can be cut according to needs to use.