Detailed environmental protection fiber and functional clothing

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In the different age, people have different choice for the clothing material. From the consumption of world clothing fabrics, the proportion of chemical fiber consumed by people is far more than that of natural fiber because of the restriction of production of natural fiber.. But along with the development of science and technology, in recent years, the modified natural fiber is more and more popular.. People's easy to accept the clothing fabric is based on the "ecology as the foundation, fashion for the purpose" from the natural material extracted from the fiber. "Ecology" means that the clothing is friendly to the environment and protects the human body when the process is in the process, and the "fashion" is the request for the visual aspects such as the style, the color, the pattern and so on.. For example, due to the loose moisture, antibacterial, linen used to mainly for processing leisure clothing. Now, after fine treatment, but also made into high-end fashion and underwear underwear products.

Environmental protection fiber

In addition to the traditional fabric of linen, some new environmentally fiber is also in line with the ecological, fashion requirements. The so-called environmental protection refers to the production process in the environment without pollution, no damage. The corn fiber, bamboo fiber and milk fiber appeared in recent years.. Corn fiber renewable degradable, made from corn fiber clothing like cotton products as soft, silk's natural luster and drape. Milk fiber raw material is made from liquid milk to the dairy milk meal extracted, after a series of processing to produce milk filament or staple fiber, the fabric, light texture, soft, smooth, with special biological function of health care. It is rich in moisturizing factor, can maintain and improve skin texture, is a good fabric underwear. End of last year, milk fiber knitted underwear a market, it is welcomed by consumers.

In addition to wearing comfortable, people's clothing functions are also increasingly high, a variety of functional clothing also came into being.

Noniron garment

To solve the distortion of the clothes, the researchers conducted a DP treatment on some clothing fabrics. Some use DP technology is the memory function of fiber itself, that is to say, some of the man-made fibers after setting, the fiber molecules will produce memory, after washing, and the external force able to recover. Some technology is late and finishing of fiber, the effect such as cotton fiber after ammonia treatment, external force is not easy to in the cotton fiber, clothing can ensure no deformation.

Warm clothing

There are many varieties of warm clothing now, their shortcomings are air permeability is not good. Not long ago, a special fabric developed by a company in the United States was designed to be a layer of layer, sandwich and 3 layers, which can solve the problem of ventilation.. In the sweat of human body layer will be discharged, the interlayer body heat is not too much loss, waterproof outer windshield. The key to this design is that the fabric uses a special film. Thin film per square inch of about 9000000000 irregular arrays of small holes, air molecules in the water than these small holes, and thus the water molecules can not enter. In contrast, the sweat gas molecules than the film hole to a lot of small, sweat can be discharged.

Antibacterial clothing

Antibacterial deodorant fabric manufacturing principle is in the fiber added special substances, inhibit Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and fungi. Now the market is sold in the anti-bacterial clothing, a lot of nano silver. This clothing can kill many biological bacteria, but the existence of heavy metal ions in the fabric is not conclusive. Two or three years will be a large number of antibacterial clothing into the market will be a chitin antibacterial fiber clothing. Chitin extracted from deep-sea shrimp shell and crab, the cost is relatively low, the main component is chitosan, have good inhibitory effect for a large number of harmful bacteria group. Make it into the fiber made of clothing, can not only guarantee the antibacterial function of clothing, the price can also be accepted by consumers.

Antistatic clothing

Polyaniline composite antistatic fabric with polyaniline as conductive agent, it made with excellent conductive properties of composite conductive fiber, and general synthetic fiber interleaver made of antistatic fabric, used for making antistatic work clothes, but also can be used as electromagnetic wave shielding protective clothing.

Clothing has from the first cover body, resist cold, to present the pursuit of comfortable, beautiful, the function occurred earth shaking changes. This change not only reflects the progress of science and technology, but also reflects people's demands for the quality of life.. All fiber has its own advantages and disadvantages, the combination of different fibers can avoid weaknesses. With the continuous enhancement of people's environmental protection consciousness, the new fiber clothing which is the theme of environmental protection will become the future development trend..