Can the suit be washed directly in the washing machine

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Can the suit be washed directly in the washing machine? With the wide use of washing machines, many families have a washing machine, then, is not the clothes can be thrown into the washing machine inside? In fact, not this, not all of the clothes can put into the wash, such as suits, will not be able to put in, so why is the suit can not be directly thrown into the washing machine inside it? Please look at the contents, you'll know..

What is the collar type of a suit

A lot of people dress suits, are to attend some formal occasions, however, different collar and style for different occasions. In China, many people for the collar type of suit is not very clear. The suit collar type classification can be divided into flat collar, shawl collar and closure collar. Each of these models has their own characteristics for different occasions.. The suit is a suit, in the domestic, also known as dresses, suits from exotic culture. In fact, the suit is the most troublesome process of all the clothes, the requirements are also very high. And the choice of suit is also very skills, aoweisite reminds you that a good suit, from design, production are very key, and collar type is also very important choice. Different collar type have different attention, so the man in the suit should have to understand the collar type of suit.

Flat barge collar belongs to a blunt collar, in the flat collar below the collar and above all have a very small angle. This leader is common in life, not quite formal. Closure collar suit is more special than. Closure of the barge collar suit not only appear sedate and is very delicate, often used in wedding, party, the company will be the important occasions. This kind of collar suit is the favorite of many rich and powerful people.

Compared to the other two kinds of type, is a type of shawl collar collar is retro. Shawl collar is also called the sword collar, suitable for wearing a very grand occasion. Modern society is very popular shawl collar suit collar, the collar type suit gives a person a kind of comfortable feeling, looking more gentle, very generous, at the same time also does not lose courtesy by many white-collar people love.

Can a suit wash with a washing machine

Good men's suits are generally made of natural fibers such as raw materials, through a lot of suit will appear deformation. Many people think washing will be good. Aoweisite remind you actually otherwise, the best way is to have a few suits for wear. However, suit the shampoo is also a lot of people a headache, because expensive suits a lot of people spending is very difficult. Therefore, they hope that can properly maintained, to reduce the cost for replacement, however, many busy people often customary to use the washing machine, then suit can use the washing machine washing?

In fact, a suit of washing method is a lot of people have been in trouble, and in a lot of Baidu search engine, often see "washing machine can be used suit?" such information search, can be said to suit the washing method is a lot of people would like to know the. Almost everyone who has just started wearing a suit will ask such a question.. The suit is totally washing machine can not be washed, because, washing the opportunity to make a suit, so wear it will be very ugly.

Washing method of suit wash and dry cleaning two kinds of. However, regardless of what kind of washing, in front of the cleaning suit best to check in suit surface is not a very difficult to take care of the stains, if any, to suit special cleaning agent, so that it can. After washing, the clothes ironing is also very important, in the ironing time best use white cloth to do the substrate. Actually, whether it is dry or water washed, can not avoid the washing machine washing suit, and after washing the suit of the maintenance is also very important to want to can be suit for a long time, we must do the work.